OCTOBER 21ST – 27TH 2023

Yoga & Gestalt Retreat in puGlia
21 - 27 October 2023
with Mary & Santiago

Welcome to an exciting retreat week of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

This 6-day intensive is based on the Ashtanga system and is open to practitioners and teachers of all styles and levels of yoga.

A man and woman doing yoga in a room. Santiago Pinto Holding Lorena in Handstand

A week of Calm & deep learning

yogis stretching arms in front of each other

Mysore / Meditation

Start the day with your Ashtanga personal practice. All levels welcome.

Every day before the daily practice. Begin the day with silent meditation, chanting the Sutras using the call-and-response method, before diving into our self-directed Mysore practice.

Monica Bonato performing ardha bhada Padma pacimottanasana

3 Workshops

1. Crash course in anatomy to give you a very simple understanding of how the body works and how to apply it for safe, long-term practice. 

2. Philosophy Talks about the Yoga Sutras

3 Techniques for handstands and jumping.

Santiago Pinto performing arch matsyendrasana of the second series of ashtanga

Gestalt workshop

Gestalt focuses on working with our polarities, recognising and integrating them so that we can live them with acceptance.

We will use techniques from this therapy to better understand why there are some specific asanas that challenge us, beyond the merely biomechanical aspect.

Later, we will be able to explore whether, after this work, we feel freer when entering the posture and also more reconciled with the emotions.


A place to be nurtured

In the midst of nature

The lodge is located in the beautiful Itria Valley in Puglia, surrounded by beautiful countryside, olive trees, vineyards and home to Trulli (round stone houses with cone-shaped roofs).

A white house with trees in front of it. Typical Puglia house with Trulis

Delicious, nutritious food

 Food plays a central role in both the practice and life of yoga. The food served at YogApulia is predominantly plant-based with some vegetarian options. The chefs will bring their passion and love for healthy and tasty food.

Vegan food served at yoga Apulia ashtanga retreat


Rooms with a high standard that use locally sourced materials to create a luxurious yet simple and understated atmosphere.

  • six double rooms
  •  all with their own private bathrooms
  •  Pool
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A swimming pool surrounded by chairs and trees in Yoga Apulia Ashtanga retreat south Italy

What is included


Daily asana practice
Philosophy meetings
In-depth workshops


6 overnights


2 delicious plant-based meals per day, including breakfast/brunch and evening dinner


Light snacks and refreshments including a selection of tea, coffee, water and fruit

Wi fi

Wi fi internet connection

Take advantage of the Early Bird

By October the 10th

€ 750
6 Days
  • All inclusive

After October the 10th

€ 1350
6 days
  • All inclusive
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A shirtless man sitting on a yoga mat. Santiago Pinto Smiling cross legged

About Santiago

A passionate of the ashtanga drama system, anatomy expert and philosophy inquirer, Santiago has been practicing daily since 2001.
In 2011 Santiago founded the Ashtanga Sarria Yoga school in Barcelona, where he teaches classes daily.
To his credit he has more than 4,000 hours of teaching.
He obtained a 200-hour Yoga Teacher title with Brian Cooper and a 200-hour RYT title with John Scott, also working for him as an assistant in various international workshops.
His great passion is to pass on the knowledge of this fine practice..

A woman doing yoga on a street in barcelona.

About Mary

Teacher of different styles of yoga and therapist. Her artistic personality makes her always look for creativity when accompanying others in their growth process. Curious by nature, she integrates different therapies such as Gestalt, Astrology or Reiki in her work as a yoga teacher. She is approachable and fun, but also very observant and analytical. She invites the practitioner to understand their body and posture in detail.

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