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We are thrilled and thankful that you are considering coming to Apulia, south Italy during October 2023 and practising with Santiago Pinto.

Here you can find additional information about this fantastic week.


Start the day with your personal practice and switch shifts with other participants to practice the adjustments and techniques you will learn during the week.

Meditation & chanting of the Sutras

Every day before the daily practice. Begin the day with silent meditation, chanting the Sutras using the call-and-response method, before diving into our self-directed Mysore practice.


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3 Workshops

A. Applied Functional Anatomy A crash course in anatomy to give you a very simple understanding of how the body works and how to apply it for safe, long-term practice. B. Where are we now? An overview of the history of yoga and the concept of Vinyāsa, C. Techniques for handstand and jumping in the air.

In the midst of nature

The lodge is located in the beautiful Itria Valley in Puglia, surrounded by beautiful countryside, olive trees, vineyards and home to Trulli (round stone houses with cone-shaped roofs)

Delicious, nutritious food

Food plays a central role in both the practice and life of yoga. The food served at YogApulia is predominantly plant-based with some vegetarian options. The chefs will bring their passion and love for healthy and tasty food.

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Practical Info

Mats available at the retreat Centre

YogApulia is a boutique retreat centre exclusively for yoga and meditation practice, set up and run by dedicated Ashtanga yoga practitioners Mark & Nicola.

Recently renovated the centre to create an intimate space in tune with the natural rhythm of nature, where guests can escape from the demands of the modern world to deepen their practice in the beautiful, peaceful setting of the Valle d’Itria in Apulia, Italy.

Located in the stunning Itria Valley, Puglia, surrounded by beautiful countryside, olive trees,  vineyards and home of the Trulli (round stone-built houses with cone-shaped roofs). If you fancy taking a break from lazing around by the pool or relaxing in the peaceful setting of our retreat centre, there are lots of great things to do in the nearby area

More info about the retreat Centre and how to get there

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Plan ahead of the game and buy your tickets NOW. That way you can plan your trip ahead of time and find cheaper transportation and hotel bargains. Sarria Yoga Asana will contribute 1% of your purchase to removing CO₂ from the atmosphere. Find out more here.

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