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David and Jelena MarichyasanaC
We are thrilled and thankful that you are considering coming to Barcelona and practising with David Robson and Jelena Vesić.

Here you can find additional information about the fantastic week.

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Please take note that there are 2 different venues

Mysore Location and SHIFTS

We are offering 3 different shifts. 6:30 - 7:30 - 8:30. Venue for the Mysore will be at Sarria Yoga Carrer d Ivorra 20, baixos 08034 Barcelona


In order to get in touch during the busy days of the workshop the information channel will be on the telegram group.
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Weekend and Workshops LOCATION
24th - 30th

The weekend program and all the afternoon workshops will take place at Yoga One Mandri. Ciutat de Balaguer, 19, 08022.


Get in touch directly Tel: +34 650 432 005 davidandjelena@sarriayoga.cat

Sat. Sept 24 / 9:00a – 11:00a – Led Counted Class: Primary Series

Sat. Sept 24 / 11:30a – 1:30p  – Vinyasa: Breathing Moving System

Description: The vinyasa system provides the defining structure for the Ashtanga practice. David and Jelena will give an overview of the goal of Ashtanga and the vinyasa meditation, and also show you 5 transformational techniques to help you work on deepening the vinyasa in your practice.

Sat. Sept 24 / 3:30p – 5:30p – Ashtanga Fundamentals

Description: The work of physical precision is embodied focus. In Ashtanga, the focus we create in asana and vinyasa leads us deeper into states of flow and meditation. This workshop will help you sharpen your focus by defining the coordinates and alignment conditions of Ashtanga’s opening sequence of Fundamental Postures.

Sun. Sept 25 / 12p – 12:45p – Workshop: Pranayama & Meditation 30€

Description: David will begin the session by leading you through some gentle pranayama, and seated breathing exercises. Jelena will then guide you through a seated Mindfulness Meditation practice.

Sun. Sept 25 / 1p – 3p – Workshop: Lifting and Landing

Description: In this session, part of the workshop David Robson and Jelena offers detailed techniques and alignment cues that will help you find graceful, weightless transitions between postures in the practice.

Mon. Sept 26 / 1p – 3p – Workshop: Hips, Knees & Forward Bends

Description: Ashtanga’s Primary Series is full of forward folds and knee bends. Correct technique and alignment are important in order to avoid

injuring the hamstrings, lower back, or knees. This workshop will explore the different aspects of the Primary Series forward bends with the goal of going deeper into the transformations and benefits of each pose while also keeping the body safe.

Tue. Sept 27 / 1p – 3p – Workshop: Backbends

Description: Explore the alignment and actions of Ashtanga’s Primary & Intermediate Series backbends. Find the balance between organization and surrender that will allow your body to go deeper into the postures.

This workshop David Robson and Jelena is open to practitioners of all levels.

Wed. Sept 28 / 1p – 3p – Workshop: Alignments & Assists

Description: Physical adjustments are one of the cornerstones of studying and teaching the Ashtanga tradition. In this workshop, you will study the ideas and actions for assisting some of Ashtanga’s Primary Series postures. This workshop is open to teachers and non-teachers who want to learn about the postures from a different perspective.

Thu. Sept 29 / 1p – 3p – Workshop: Intro to Intermediate

Description: Ashtanga’s Second Series of postures is designed to cleanse and charge our nervous system. This workshop will provide an accessible introduction to some of the deeper backbends, hip-openers and arm balances that make the Intermediate Series such a transformative practice.

All practitioners are invited to attend this unique Workshop David Robson and Jelena

Assisting School 1
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Practical Info

We are not able to lend mats for the Mysore program. However, we have great mats to sell at 99€. Designed by an ashtanga friend of mine Fredrik Salevik.


Mats to lend will be available at Yoga One but they are limited so to be safe bring yours.

Location 1 Sarria Yoga Barcelona

All Mysore Classes. Carrer d Ivorra 20 08034 Barcelona

Location 2  Yoga One Mandri

Saturday 24tth, Sunday 25th and all afternoon workshops

Sarria is a nice family-friendly neighbourhood with plenty of places where to eat and grab a coffee. We recommend however the Organic Market where Ana, Alejandra or Bella will provide you with a smile and nice organic food.

There are a few places to sleep around the venue. We recommend a budget hotel nearby the Mysore location. For accommodation, you can use the coupon: EMPRESA and get a 15% discount here.


On Sat. and Sun, there will be a Kirtan festival 5 minutes from the venue where you could eat vegan food and listen to Kirtan after the workshops.More info


Best coffees can be found at Café San Marco, On-y-va

Jelena Floating

Plan ahead of the game and buy your tickets NOW. That way you can plan your trip ahead of time and find cheaper transportation and hotel bargains. Sarria Yoga Asana will contribute 1% of your purchase to removing CO₂ from the atmosphere. Find out more here.

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