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We are thrilled and thankful that you are considering coming to Barcelona in Spain to practice with Laruga Glaser.

Here you can find additional information about the fantastic long week-end

All levels welcome

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Morning Mysore every Day

Limited Spots Shif 1 | 6:45 Shift 2 | 7:15


Our spacious, silent Shala is situated just 15 minutes from Plaza de Catalunya and yet away from the tourism craziness.

Carrer d Ivorra 20 baixos 08034 Barcelona


Sarria has definitely a small-town atmosphere that will seduce you. Organic shops are just around the corner. You will find great places to enjoy your coffee or Chai tea after your practice. Indian, French, Mexican and Spanish cuisine is reachable by foot.


There are plenty of great hotels close by at affordable prices. This is a good bargain hotel close by. http://hotelbonanovapark.com 
Please use the coupon: EMPRESAS to get a 10% discount

2 Afternoon Workshops

Focused on the second series.

Saturday Workshop 10:00 - 12:00

Intermediate Series Introduction Nādī Śhodana Intermediate Series, otherwise known as nādī śhodana, meaning nervous system cleansing, builds upon the culmination of energy and purification within the practitioner built from the foundation of Primary Series. With deeper backbends and forward bends as well as arm balances, the Intermediate series integrates opposing forces to garner greater unity and strength, both mental and physical, opening the internal light of awareness within each individual. Whether new to the practice of Intermediate Series, or an experienced practitioner, this workshop will invoke new insights and inspire your already existing practice. 

Sunday Workshop 10:00 - 12:00

TBA how much ground will be covered will depend on the group. Based on the intermediate series. All levels welcome even practitioners of the primary series.


We will be in communication through WhatsApp so please add yourselves to the group.

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Practical Info

We are not able to lend mats. However, we have great mats to sell at 99€. Designed by an ashtanga friend of mine Fredrik Salevik.

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Plan ahead of the game and buy your tickets NOW. That way you can plan your trip ahead of time and find cheaper transportation and hotel bargains. Sarria Yoga Asana will contribute 1% of your purchase to removing CO₂ from the atmosphere. Find out more here.

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